Nicholas Hughes wird sowohl in "dienacht" #8 als auch auf dem F/Stop Festival in Leipzig dabei sein. Gleichzeitig hat er eine weitere Ausstellung in der Nailya Alexander Gallery, die noch bis zum 30. Oktober läuft. Also, wer zufällig bis dahin in New York ist – es lohnt sich sehr, die Arbeiten in Originalgröße zu sehen.

British artist Nicholas Hughes (b. 1963) works in series analogous to verses in poetry. Each series expresses a concern for the environment while alluding to universal Romantic themes. Each seeks to capture the frail residue of contemporary wilderness through abstract imagery. In contemplating the relationship between man and nature, Hughes examines the space between the world that people inhabit and that nature claims as its own: “The demands of industry and the vanity of human ownership have squeezed out the parameters of the rural idyll – leaving maybe only the illusions of space available through the constructions of the camera.”

The Nailya Alexander Gallery
The Fuller Building
41 E 57th Street, Suite 704
New York, NY 10022

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